FBO - Executive Terminals

The General Aviation Executive Terminal is the front door to the business and economic community in most cities and towns. It is what many high-end investors see first. Initial impressions are critical for these people looking to invest in new opportunities. FBO terminals also greet and support the needs of a wide variety of the flying public using General Aviation. Medical flight operators, leisure travelers and business executives all depend on the excellent services provided by FBO operators and their facilities. Our team has been in the business of designing, developing and even owning FBOs for more than 25 years. Our projects span the country and into the Caribbean.

Our companies take time to understand our clients’ goals and budgets before design ever begins. It is our top priority to design Executive Terminals that support the FBO’s employees in providing consistent service and excellence at an affordable cost. We design efficiency and safety into our buildings, which translates into fewer people required to provide first-class customer service. We know how to provide designs that are uniquely memorable and of high quality with exceptional durability, while at the same time consistently meeting our clients’ goals and working within their budget requirements. No other team has more diverse experience in developing General Aviation FBO terminals.

CNL Hanger Exterior 2005.jpg

Corporate Flight Departments

Corporations invest heavily in their corporate aircraft and in return expect crew and equipment to be prepared to safely complete every mission. Understanding the typical mission is key. Our team has developed corporate flight departments for more than 25 years. We understand our clients’ need for efficiency, safety and privacy. We understand what business aviation is all about. From extremely large, international public companies to small, single-aircraft flight departments, designing the right facility to meet budgets and goals is critical.

Passenger (PAX) support space is vital to many corporate facilities. Quiet, clean and tasteful spaces are critical to beginning and ending a successful flight.  Our team finds the right balance between image, quality and cost. We offer solutions based on years of experience.



We know hangar construction. Our team has developed hundreds of thousands of square feet of them. Hangar door systems run the gamut in cost and quality. There are few things worse than getting the owner’s multi-million-dollar aircraft stuck behind a hangar door because a two-dollar cotter pin failed. From the start, we get the details right, whether it’s a Plain Jane storage hangar or a high-activity maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) facility.

DAFA is represented on the NFPA 409 Technical Committee for hangar construction. We know this code inside and out and we know to design hangars that will have low or no fire suppression costs, which can add more than fifty percent to the cost of your hangar. We’ll make your construction dollars go farther with durable, attractive and cost-effective hangars.